How to Do Nothing, from wikiHow!

Things You'll Need

  • Head shots
  • Adira Period Panty
  1. Use Voltage Testers Step 2.jpg
    Place the other lead on the hot wire.
  2. Dress in the American 1980s Fashion Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Wear a mini-skirt.
  3. Butcher Deer Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    Pull the skin off the carcass.


  • Well meaning people may not understand why you can't "just have it this once" or will present you with a dish they think is acceptable, but upon scrutiny, is not. Thank them profusely and succinctly explain why you can't eat the item (I have included graphic details of my symptoms to the heavy gluten pushers so they get a clear picture of the misery I'll have later). Most people are understanding, and may ask questions about your condition. Answer as honestly as you feel comfortable.
  • Do not wear flea collars around your wrists or ankles to keep chiggers away. You should not use cattle ear tags, either. These products are not designed for human use, and as a result, you may be exposed to harmful toxins or get nasty chemical burns on your skin.
  • Don't overcook. Too little time and the brownies will be too gooey. Too much time and they will be dry and cake-like.