How to Do Nothing, from wikiHow!

Things You'll Need

  • Water source
  • Clay pot
  • Soap and water
  1. 284558 3.jpg
    Put things away next.
  2. Get Used to Waking up Early for School Step 1 Version 3.jpg
    Determine how much sleep you need.
  3. Calculate Profit Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    Calculate your business's total expenses for the accounting period.


  • Some video games, films, and even books contain sexual material, such as sexually attractive characters or sexual activity (kissing, making out or even making love). So if you play video games to distract the need, be careful!
  • Despite all your effort, she may just want to be friends! Don't be too disappointed if you get turned down by her. If you were interested in her before, you assumedly still enjoy her presence - try to maintain your friendship! Just because she turns you down doesn't mean you can't be good friends!