How to Do Nothing, from wikiHow!

Things You'll Need

  • Good character
  • Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick
  • Sandwich bag
  1. Calm an Autistic Child Step 1.jpg
    Figure out what triggered the meltdown.
  2. Draw Rainbow Dash Step 7.jpg
    Using the rough outlines of the hair you made earlier, you can refine the details of the hair using pointy curved angles.
  3. Stop an Ant Invasion Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Sweep or vacuum up all the ants you find to remove them from the house, and keep an eye out for additional infestations.


  • Try to keep the pH of the soil somewhat acidic with an ideal range of 4.5 - 5.5pH
  • Try not to focus only on the monetary aspects of your talent. Yes, in this society, you will need money, but if you're only focused on making money with your talent, then you're not doing it because you're passionate and you will likely start to hate it.
  • Make sure a mat that is decently thick is under you before you attempt this for the first time.